#muslimwomen around the world speak: Modesty

9 Muslim Women Share what Modesty means to them

At Niswa, we value modesty. This October, we decided to ask Muslim women around the world what modesty meant to them. This is what they had to say:

"Personally to me modesty is more than a hijab or the clothes that you wear...its the way you behave, the way you conduct yourself in interactions with others. It is realizing that people are observing you and even when you're alone God is watching you and acting accordingly. I practice modesty through respect for not only others but also for myself. "

-Sara Abdelrahim

Boston, Massachusetts

"...Modesty is hard to define but I think as long as you find what works for you, you’ll be good. When I wear my hijab I feel modest, I feel invincible. It helps me realize that people appreciate me for who I am..."

-Mariam A.

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

"Modesty to me is the way of our ancestors, Adam and Hawa (AS). It was one of the first human needs on this Earth...it is a reminder to always remember Allah’s commandments and try to follow them. That in my daily life, I try to bring positivity to my workplace and hope. That I am to be asked about all of my actions on this Earth. That my ego must bow to the commands of Allah."


Atlanta, Georgia

"To me, modesty does not only pertain to appearance. It is a state of mind and how one carries oneself - with humility, sincerity, and simplicity..."


Chicago, IL, USA